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Kali Linux PwnPhone

Kali Linux PwnPhone

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Introducing our customized Kali Linux smartphone! Our team of experts have taken a standard smartphone and installed the Kali Linux operating system, known for its advanced penetration testing and security features.

This means that not only do you have access to all the standard features of a smartphone, such as calling, texting, and internet browsing, but you also have the ability to use powerful security tools included with the Kali Linux suite. The customization doesn't stop there - we also offer the option to add additional software and tools to the phone based on your specific needs. Whether it's a VPN, a password manager, or a specific security tool, we will work with you to ensure that your phone is tailored to your unique requirements.

Furthermore, this phone is also open source and can be modified by the end user. You can have full access to the source code and make changes to the operating system as you see fit, making it a perfect option for developers or tech enthusiasts.

In terms of hardware, this phone is built with high-quality components and boasts a sleek, modern design. The smartphone is a new modified Nexus 5X device, largely considered the most reliable Kali Linux phone in the information security industry. Each and every order will come packed with the following items:

- Brand New unlocked multi-region Nexus 5X phone, modified and altered by our security specialists
- USB C Charging Cable
- USB C Fast-Charging Block
- USB C to A Adapter
- Impact-resistant case to protect your gear

Package Upgrades

- If you opt to purchase the Wi-Fi Hacking option, there will be an included radio adapter which will give you the resources you need for common Wi-Fi attacks. 

- If you opt to purchase the RFID bundle you'll expect to receive a proxmark 3 which can be used to read RFID and NFC tags, it'll also be bundled with a impact resistant case, carrying pouch, and 16+ different RFID tags and cards.
Order now and take the first step towards enjoying the power and security of having Kali Linux in your pocket.

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