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Evil USB Cable

Evil USB Cable

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Everyone knows that plugging in USB drives left around the office is no longer safe... but what about a perfectly innocent USB Cable? Our bad USB is an Attiny85 microcontroller with data line enabled. This means we (and you) can set this thing to do whatever you want. Set it to rickroll once an hour. Great idea. Think it should pop up messages, jiggle a mouse or do something more sinister such as adding a keylogger to a system? The possibilities are endless.

We're more than happy to preconfigure a prank for you - or help teach you how to program the device so you can set it to whatever your heart desires... as long as that's legal. :-)

Each Prank USB C Cable comes with:

1x Free pre-configuration of your choice
1x Cable with a USB A connector on one end and a C connector on the other
1x Quick start guide, which shows you how to change the code on the cable

Other similar USB cables (OMG cables, for example) are amazing penetration testing tools, but they cost like $150 - with our cable, you can get started for just $49. It makes a great gift and we know you'll love it! :-)
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