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Preloaded Pwnagotchi SD Card

Preloaded Pwnagotchi SD Card

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Note: This is for the high-speed SD card, preloaded with the pwnagotchi and waveshare drivers!

Compatibility: Raspberry Pi Zero WH v1 with WaveShare v3/v4 screen only.

Have your own kit and need a preloaded SD card?  Well, we have an awesome deal for you! Each preloaded SD card features a high-speed 16GB, preconfigured for the latest Waveshare v3 and v4 drivers, ready to plug and play. Each shipment includes;
  • A preconfigured phreakbotique SD card
  • DC207 Stickers
  • Mad respect from Maine's hackers

DC207 assembles these to help support its mission and activities of working on unique technology projects, feeding hackers at our meetups, and fostering and building a fantastic hacker community in Maine. 

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