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Pwnagotchi Case & Screen Combo

Pwnagotchi Case & Screen Combo

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Primary color

Note: This is for the pwnagotchi case and e-ink screen only!

Case compatibility: Raspberry Pi Zero WH v1 with WaveShare v3 screen only.

Have your own Raspberry Pi and need a screen and case? Well, we have an awesome deal for you! Each pwnagotchi case & screen combo includes the following items, assembled with love;
  • Pwnagotchi Case in a color of your choosing
  • Waveshare v3 E-Ink Hat for Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  • DC207 Stickers
  • Mad respect from Maine's hackers

DC207 assembles these to help support its mission and activities of working on unique technology projects, feeding hackers at our meetups, fostering and building a fantastic hacker community in Maine. Our loyal minions will assemble, solder, and print out a colorful case for your pwnagotchi with love. We understand folks might want to get started with projects like these but might not have the initial skills, equipment, or knowledge to execute. We make it simple and easy. NOTE: What we have for colors goes in and out of stock. If you don't see an option you like, we probably have it so

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