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Security Researcher Essentials Kit

Security Researcher Essentials Kit

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All the tools to protect yourself and conduct advanced information security research! Discover the ultimate Security Researcher Essentials Kit, a collection of advanced research and learning tools designed for technology enthusiasts, students, and professionals. Dive into the captivating world of cybersecurity, enhance your knowledge, and ensure the safety of your digital environment with this comprehensive kit. Jumpstart your career or passion for learning with this amazing set of tools. Each package contains the following awesome devices:

NOTE: Customizations are available! Hit us up with your custom request for the latest and greatest tools, and we'll build you the package of your dreams. We have almost everything you can imagine in stock - just ask and we'll help make you something special.

  • Two Versatile USB Devices: Unlock your creativity and explore a variety of security scenarios with these adaptable USB devices, perfect for learning about USB vulnerabilities and implementing secure practices.
  • Wi-Fi Pot: Learn about how to set up a decoy system to safely monitor network activity and learn about potential threats with this compact and efficient device.
  • Custom Kali Linux Smartphone: Discover a world of cybersecurity possibilities with this powerful, pre-configured smartphone running Kali Linux, the renowned operating system for security auditing and network analysis.
  • P4wnP1 A.L.O.A: Enhance your knowledge with this feature-rich, all-in-one platform, specifically designed for researchers and cybersecurity enthusiasts.
  • Proxmark3 RFID Research Kit: Delve into the world of RFID security and analysis with this comprehensive research kit, which includes custom flashing of Iceman firmware
  • Pwnagotchi: Embrace a fun and interactive learning experience with this AI-powered digital pet, designed to help you explore Wi-Fi security and connectivity while fostering a deeper understanding of networking concepts.
  • Tactical Carrying Case: Keep all your new tools organized and protected with a durable, spacious tactical carrying case, perfect for housing your entire Security Enthusiast Starter Pack as you set out to make the world a more secure place.
  • Special Gift, Exclusive Stickers, and More: Enjoy a surprise bonus item to kickstart your security journey, exclusive stickers to personalize your gear.
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